Automating Junos Administration: Doing More with Less


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Written by Jonathan Looney

Published by O'Reilly Media

May, 2016

684 pages



How can you grow and maintain a reliable, flexible, and cost-efficientnetwork in the face of ever-increasing demands? With this practical guide,network engineers will learn how to program Junipernetwork devices to perform day-to-day tasks, using the automation features of the Junos OS.

Junos supports several automation tools that provide powerful solutions to commonnetwork automation tasks. Authors Jonathan Looney and Stacy Smith, senior testing engineers at Juniper, will help you determine which tools work best for your particularnetwork requirements. If you have experience with Junos, this book will show you how automation can make a big difference in the operation of your existingnetwork.

  • Manage Junos software with remote procedure calls and a RESTful API
  • Represent devices as Python objects and manage them with Python’s PyEZ package
  • Customize Junos software to detect and block commits that violate yournetwork standards
  • Develop custom CLI commands to present information the way you want
  • Program Junos software to automatically respond tonetwork events
  • Rapidly deploy new Junos devices into yournetwork with ZTP andNetconify tools
  • Learn how to use Ansible or Puppet to manage Junos software


Title: Automating Junos Administration: Doing More with Less
Author: Jonathan Looney
Language: English
Length: 684
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Publication Date: 2016-05-07
ISBN-10: 1491928883
ISBN-13: 9781491928882