Bridging UX and Web Development: Better Results through Team Integration

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Written by Jack Moffett

Published by Morgan Kaufmann

Aug, 2014

224 pages



The divide between UX and Web development can be stifling. Bridging UX and Web Development prepares you to break down those walls by teaching you how to integrate with your team's developers. You examine the process from their perspective, discovering tools and coding principles that will help you bridge the gap between design and implementation. With these tried and true approaches, you'll be able to capitalize on a more productive work environment. Whether you're a novice UX professional finding your place in the software industry and looking to nail down your technical skills, or a seasoned UI designer looking for practical information on how to integrate your team with development, this is the must-have resource for your UX library.
  • Establish a collaboration lifecycle, mapping design activities to counterparts in the software development process
  • Learn about software tools that will improve productivity and collaboration
  • Work through step-by-step exercises that teach font-end coding principles to improve your prototyping and implementation activities
  • Discover practical, usable HTML and CSS examples
  • Uncover tips for working with various developer personas

Table of Contents

Part I: Working with Developers for Fun & Profit
Chapter 1: State of the Industry
Chapter 2: Looking for Group
Chapter 3: The Collaboration Lifecycle Part II: Sitting in the Driver's Seat
Chapter 4: Why HTML & CSS?
Chapter 5: Tooling Up
Chapter 6: Formatting Standards
Chapter 7: OOCSS
Chapter 8: Owning Behavior
Chapter 9: Looking Toward the Horizon


Title: Bridging UX and Web Development: Better Results through Team Integration
Author: Jack Moffett
Language: English
Length: 224
Edition: 1
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Publication Date: 2014-08-11
ISBN-10: 0124202454
ISBN-13: 9780124202450