Business Analytics, 2nd Global Edition

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Written by James R. Evans

Published by Pearson Education Limited

Apr, 2016

656 pages



Business Analytics, Second Edition teaches the fundamental concepts of the emerging field of business analytics and provides vital tools in understanding how data analysis works in today’s organizations. Students will learn to apply basic business analytics principles, communicate with analytics professionals, and effectively use and interpret analytic models to make better business decisions. Included access to commercial grade analytics software gives students real-world experience and career-focused value. Author James Evans takes a balanced, holistic approach and looks at business analytics from descriptive, and predictive perspectives.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Business Analytics
Chapter 2: Analytics on Spreadsheets
Chapter 3: Visualizing and Exploring Data
Chapter 4: Descriptive Statistical Measures
Chapter 5: Probability Distributions and Data Modeling
Chapter 6: Sampling and Estimation
Chapter 7: Statistical Inference
Chapter 8: Trendlines and Regression Analysis
Chapter 9: Forecasting Techniques
Chapter 10: Introduction to Data Mining
Chapter 11: Spreadsheet Modeling and Analysis
Chapter 12: Monte Carlo Simulation and Risk Analysis
Chapter 13: Linear Optimization
Chapter 14: Applications of Linear Optimization
Chapter 15: Integer Optimization
Chapter 16: Decision Analysis


Title: Business Analytics, 2nd Global Edition
Author: James R. Evans
Language: English
Length: 656
Edition: 2nd International edition
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Publication Date: 2016-04-28
ISBN-10: 129209544X
ISBN-13: 9781292095448