Cengage Advantage Books: Essentials of Public Speaking, 5th Edition

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Written by Cheryl Hamilton

Published by Cengage Learning

Feb, 2011

432 pages



Packed with sample speeches illustrating what to do, as well as plenty of examples detailing what not to do this value-priced public speaking text equips you with the essential skills and theories needed to become an effective public speaker. ESSENTIALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING delivers abundant practical advice and also offers intriguing discussions on the role of ethics in public speaking as well as up-to-date coverage on effectively using technology in speech development and delivery. A strong emphasis on visual aids includes an insightful, four-color insert detailing how to get the most from your presentation materials. This edition features extended emphasis on critical thinking skills and student activities, as well as practical application of persuasive speaking theory. With ESSENTIALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING, 5e you also have the option of including a wealth of learning resources like Speech Builder Express 3.0 speech-outlining software, InfoTrac College Edition, sample outlines, and more. It is an invaluable resource at a value price.

Table of Contents

ONE: Foundations
Unit One Quiz: Myths About Public Speaking
Chapter 1 Public Speaking, Ethics, and You
Chapter 2 Building Speaker Confidence
Chapter 3 Listening: What Speakers and Listeners Should Know TWO: Preparing Your Speech
Unit Two Quiz: Speech Preparation
Chapter 4 Analyzing Your Audience
Chapter 5 Selecting, Outlining, and Researching Your Topic
Chapter 6 Supporting Your Ideas
Chapter 7 Organizing a Successful Speech THREE: Presenting Your Speech
Unit Three Quiz: Verbal, Vocal, and Visual Delivery
Chapter 8 Delivering Your Message
Chapter 9 Perfecting Language Style
Chapter 10 Preparing Effective Visual Aids FOUR: Types of Speeches
Unit Four Quiz: Preparing Different Types of Speeches
Chapter 11: Informative Speaking
Chapter 12 Persuasive Speaking: Individual or Team
Chapter 13 Persuasive Methods and Theories
Chapter 14 Special Occasion Speaking


Title: Cengage Advantage Books: Essentials of Public Speaking, 5th Edition
Author: Cheryl Hamilton
Language: English
Length: 432
Edition: 5
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication Date: 2011-02-07
ISBN-10: 049590113X
ISBN-13: 9780495901136