Effective Pricing with SAP ERP


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Written by D. Rajen Iyer

Published by SAP PRESS

Jul, 2011

423 pages



Master the most important issues around pricing in SAP ERP with this one-stop, comprehensive reference. You’ll learn about the key elements of pricing in Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) and Materials Management (SAP MM), and discover complete, step-by-step instructions on how to configure pricing. This book provides you with a practical perspective on the entire process, with coverage that includes basic and advanced configuration and condition techniques, as well as integration points with other SAP tools, such as Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting (SAP FI and SAP CO). Each chapter provides real-world examples, case studies, and practical tips to help you understand and master pricing in SAP ERP.

1. Key Concepts and Terminology Discover the concepts and terminology of pricing with SAP ERP and how you can use these elements to help your pricing processes run smoothly.

2. Sales and Distribution and Materials Management Learn the specific step-by-step SD and MM configuration details you need to optimize your SAP ERP implementation for pricing processes.

3. Integration with Financial Accounting Get an in-depth look at how to align pricing with your Financial Accounting system, and understand the tools, benefits, and challenges of the integration.

4. Industry-Specific Information Find useful insight on pricing that is specific to the apparel and footwear, high-tech, and retail industries.

5. Real-World Scenarios and Examples Use the expert advice and examples throughout to help you with your own pricing processes.


  • SD Documents
  • Customer Hierarchies and Pricing
  • Condition Technique in SD Documents
  • Promotional Pricing and Sales Deals
  • Rebate Agreements
  • Performance
  • Data Migration & Cut-Over Planning
  • Purchasing Documents Pricing
  • Condition Technique in MM Documents
  • Planned Delivery Costs
  • Foreign Currency
  • Variant Configuration and Pricing
  • SD and MM Pricing Integration with Financial Accounting
  • Pricing Reports in SD and MM
  • Internet Pricing
  • Special MM/SD Pricing Conditions
  • Industry Specific Applications (High Tech, Retail, AFS)


Title: Effective Pricing with SAP ERP
Author: D. Rajen Iyer
Language: English
Length: 423
Publisher: SAP PRESS
Publication Date: 2011-07-28
ISBN-10: 1592293808
ISBN-13: 9781592293803