Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing

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Written by Irena Bojanova

Published by Wiley-IEEE Press

Aug, 2016

744 pages



The Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing provides IT professionals, educators, researchers and students with a compendium of cloud computing knowledge. Authored by a spectrum of subject matter experts in industry and academia, this unique publication, in a single volume, covers a wide range of cloud computing topics, including technological trends and developments, research opportunities, best practices, standards, and cloud adoption. Providing multiple perspectives, it also addresses questions that stakeholders might have in the context of development, operation, management, and use of clouds. Furthermore, it examines cloud computing's impact now and in the future. The encyclopedia presents 56 chapters logically organized into 10 sections. Each chapter covers a major topic/area with cross-references to other chapters and contains tables, illustrations, side-bars as appropriate. Furthermore, each chapter presents its summary at the beginning and backend material, references and additional resources for further information.

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction to Cloud Computing
Chapter 1 Cloud Computing: An Overview Part II Cloud Services
Chapter 2 Cloud Services and Service Providers
Chapter 3 Mobile Cloud Computing
Chapter 4 Community Clouds
Chapter 5 Government Clouds
Chapter 6 Cloud‐Based Development Environments: PaaS Part III Cloud Frameworks and Technologies
Chapter 7 Cloud Reference Frameworks
Chapter 8 Virtualization: An Overview
Chapter 9 CloudNetwork and I/O Virtualization
Chapter 10 CloudNetworks
Chapter 11 Wireless DatacenterNetworks
Chapter 12 Open‐Source Cloud Software Solutions
Chapter 13 Developing Software for Cloud: Opportunities and Challenges for Developers Part IV Cloud Integration and Standards
Chapter 14 Cloud Portability and Interoperability
Chapter 15 Cloud Federation and Geo‐Distribution
Chapter 16 Cloud Standards Part V Cloud Security, Privacy, and Compliance
Chapter 17 Cloud Security: Issues and Concerns
Chapter 18 Securing the Clouds: Methodologies and Practices
Chapter 19 Cloud Forensics
Chapter 20 Privacy, Law, and Cloud Services
Chapter 21 Ensuring Privacy in Clouds
Chapter 22 Compliance in Clouds Part VI Cloud Performance, Reliability, and Availability
Chapter 23 Cloud Capacity Planning and Management
Chapter 24 Fault Tolerance in the Cloud
Chapter 25 Cloud Energy Consumption
Chapter 26 Cloud Modeling and Simulation
Chapter 27 Cloud Testing: An Overview
Chapter 28 Testing the Cloud and Testing as a Service
Chapter 29 Cloud Service Evaluation Part VII Cloud Migration and Management
Chapter 30 Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy and Policy
Chapter 31 Cloud Brokers
Chapter 32 Migrating Applications to Clouds
Chapter 33 Identity and Access Management
Chapter 34 OAuth Standard for User Authorization of Cloud Services
Chapter 35 Distributed Access Control in Cloud Computing Systems
Chapter 36 Cloud Service Level Agreement
Chapter 37 Automatic Provisioning of Intercloud Resources driven by
Chapter 38 Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing
Chapter 39 Cloud Economics Part VIII Cloud Applications and Case Studies
Chapter 40 Engineering Applications of the Cloud
Chapter 41 Educational Applications of the Cloud
Chapter 42 Personal Applications of Clouds
Chapter 43 Cloud Gaming Part IX Big Data and Analytics in Clouds
Chapter 44 An Introduction to Big Data
Chapter 45 Big Data in a Cloud
Chapter 46 Cloud‐Hosted Databases
Chapter 47 Cloud Data Management
Chapter 48 Large‐Scale Analytics in Clouds
Chapter 49 Cloud Programming Models (MapReduce)
Chapter 50 Developing Elastic Software for the Cloud
Chapter 51 Cloud Services for Distributed Knowledge Discovery
Chapter 52 Cloud Knowledge Modeling and Management Part X Cloud Prospects
Chapter 53 Impact of the Cloud on IT Professionals and the IT Industry
Chapter 54 Cloud Computing in Emerging Markets
Chapter 55 Research Topics in Cloud Computing
Chapter 56 Cloud Outlook: The Future of the Clouds


Title: Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing
Author: Irena Bojanova
Language: English
Length: 744
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Publication Date: 2016-08-01
ISBN-10: 1118821971
ISBN-13: 9781118821978