Financial Products: An Introduction Using Mathematics and Excel


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Written by Bill Dalton

Published by Cambridge University Press

Nov, 2008

406 pages



Financial Products provides a step-by-step guide to some of the most important ideas in financial mathematics. It describes and explains interest rates, discounting, arbitrage, risk neutral probabilities, forward contracts, futures, bonds, FRA and swaps. It shows how to construct both elementary and complex (Libor) zero curves. Options are described, illustrated and then priced using the Black Scholes formula and binomial trees. Finally, there is a chapter describing default probabilities, credit ratings and credit derivatives (CDS, TRS, CSO and CDO). An important feature of the book is that it explains this range of concepts and techniques in a way that can be understood by those with only a basic understanding of algebra. Many of the calculations are illustrated using Excel spreadsheets, as are some of the more complex algebraic processes. This accessible approach makes it an ideal introduction to financial products for undergraduates and those studying for professional financial qualifications.


Title: Financial Products: An Introduction Using Mathematics and Excel
Author: Bill Dalton
Language: English
Length: 406
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: 2008-11-10
ISBN-10: 0521863589
ISBN-13: 9780521863582