International Politics: Concepts, Theories and Issues

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Published by Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd

Aug, 2013

568 pages



International Politics is designed as a core textbook of International Politics at the undergraduate level in Indian universities. It provides a roadmap that can orient the student to the main concepts, theories and issues in world politics today.

Table of Contents

Part A: Concepts
Chapter 1. The Nation State System: National Power, Balance of Power and Collective Security
Chapter 2. Role of National Interest
Chapter 3. Diplomacy: Nature, Forms and Relevance
Chapter 4. Colonialism and Neocolonialism: Impact of Decolonization
Chapter 5. Disarmament, Arms Control and Nuclear Proliferation
Part B: Theories
Chapter 6. Liberalism
Chapter 7. Realism
Chapter 8. Marxism
Chapter 9. Feminism
Chapter 10. Postmodernism and Constructivism in International Relations
Part C: Issues
Chapter 11. Globalization: Meaning and Dimensions
Chapter 12. The United Nations: Changing Role
Chapter 13. Human Rights and International Politics
Chapter 14. The Global Environment: Issues and Debates
Chapter 15. Terrorism
Chapter 16. Development and Security: Changing Paradigms
Part D: India’s Foreign Policy and Bilateral Relations
Chapter 17. Basic Determinants of India’s Foreign Policy and Bilateral Relations


Title: International Politics: Concepts, Theories and Issues
Language: English
Length: 568
Edition: 1
Publisher: Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd
Publication Date: 2013-08-29
ISBN-10: 8132106911
ISBN-13: 9788132106913