Introducing SEO: Your quick-start guide to effective SEO practices

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Written by Anirudh Prabhu

Published by Apress

Aug, 2016

132 pages



Your easy-to-digest brief introduction to SEO (search engine optimization) - an imperative methodology used to improve the visibility of websites using different strategies and techniques. Using a calculative and practical approach, this book teaches you the techniques, practical implementations, and concepts of SEO that will enable you to get to grips with the fundamental aspects of search engine optimization. Introducing SEO jumpstarts your knowledge using an easy-to-follow approach – add it to your library today.

What You Will Learn

  • How to incorporate effective SEO into your workflow
  • How to use keywords, link building, and online social media marketing
  • How to implement SEO-specific plans and strategies.

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at beginners who want a quick, no-nonsense introduction to SEO. No prior experience or knowledge of SEO is required to understand the concepts in this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to SEO
Chapter 2: Search Engines
Chapter 3: Ranking in SEO
Chapter 4: Introducing the Google Tools Suite
Chapter 5: Obstacles in SEO
Chapter 6: Sitemaps
Chapter 7: Keyword Research and Strategy
Chapter 8: Link Building
Chapter 9: Content Considerations
Chapter 10: SEO Hub: Utilities and Toolsets
Chapter 11: Social Media Marketing and SEO


Title: Introducing SEO: Your quick-start guide to effective SEO practices
Author: Anirudh Prabhu
Language: English
Length: 132
Edition: 1st ed. 2016
Publisher: Apress
Publication Date: 2016-08-11
ISBN-10: 1484218531
ISBN-13: 9781484218532