Keeping Up With Oracle Database 12c Multitenant - Book One

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Written by Mr. Robert G. Freeman

Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Apr, 2015

114 pages



Keeping Up With Oracle Database 12c Multitenant - Book One: CDBs, PDBs and the Multitenant World (Volume 1) Oracle Database 12c is the newest version of the Oracle flagship product. Arguably the biggest new feature for Oracle Database, Multitenant ushers in a totally new database architecture for Oracle. This book first provides an introduction to the Multitenant architecture. Then it takes the reader through the process of creating an Oracle database capable of creating the keystone of the multitenant database - the Pluggable Database. The reader will also learn how to administer the multitenant database. They will learn about a new type of Oracle user called the common user. The reader will learn how to create a common user and manage security issues related to common users and PDBs. Chapter of Contents for Book One: 1 INTRODUCTION TO ORACLE MULTITENANT 2 CREATING THE CDB 3 CREATING AND REMOVING PDBS 4 ADMINISTRATION OF CDB AND PDB DATABASES 5 BASIC USER AND ADMINISTRATION OF MULTITENANT DATABASES

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction To Oracle Multitenant
Chapter 2 Creating The Cdb
Chapter 3 Creating And Removing Pdbs
Chapter 4 Administration Of Cdb And Pdb Databases
Chapter 5 Basic User And Administration Of Multitenant Databases


Title: Keeping Up With Oracle Database 12c Multitenant - Book One
Author: Mr. Robert G. Freeman
Language: English
Length: 114
Edition: 1
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2015-04-07
ISBN-10: 1507628153
ISBN-13: 9781507628157