Living Dairy-Free For Dummies

  • Sep 20, 2016
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Written by Suzanne Havala Hobbs

Published by For Dummies

Aug, 2010

360 pages



Whatever the reason for not eating dairy, Living Dairy-Free For Dummies provides readers with the most up-to-date information on a dairy-free diet and lifestyle and will empower them to thrive without dairy while still getting the calcium, vitamin D and nutritional benefits commonly associated with dairy products.

Living Dairy-Free For Dummies:

  • Is a lifestyle manual, going beyond just recipes to present a full nutritional evaluation of what dairy-free life is like
  • Contains more than 50 dairy-free recipes, along with how to set up a dairy-free kitchen and tips for eating out and remaining dairy-free
  • Presents alternatives to dairy so readers can continue getting the nutritional value and tastes of dairy, without the side effects


Title: Living Dairy-Free For Dummies
Author: Suzanne Havala Hobbs
Language: English
Length: 360
Publisher: For Dummies
Publication Date: 2010-08-31
ISBN-10: 0470633166
ISBN-13: 9780470633168