Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: The Animal KIngdom Way

  • Sep 20, 2016
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Written by David Nordmark

Published by CreateSpace

Dec, 2009

120 pages



Diets don't work. Studies have shown that only 5 percent of people who go on a diet are able to keep the weight off for more than a year. Yet even with this 95 percent failure rate the weight loss industry continues to flood the market with new diets and useless gimmicks. What's the secret to true, long lasting weight loss? The key is to focus on your habits as they are related to food, not dieting. Unlike animals in nature human beings acquire a whole host of unnatural habits related to food without even realizing it. By changing these habits, most of whom you are probably not even aware off, you can start to lose weight naturally and easily. Get off the Diet roller coaster and start losing weight WITHOUT dieting today! To learn more about this course as well as others related to natural fitness and health (including information on how you can get this book for free!!) visit animal-kingdom-workouts.com to learn more.

Table of Contents

Chapter 2: Beware The False Gods Of Weight Loss
Chapter 3: Why we eat So Much (and how to STOP)
Chapter 4: What is a Key Ally of Natural Weight Loss?
Chapter 5: How Organization Can Help You
Chapter 6: Your Body Is NOT A Garbage Disposal
Chapter 7: You Have To Respect The Queen, But Don’t Forget About The King
Chapter 8: Dinner Strategies For Weight Loss
Chapter 9: Another Valuable And Easy Weight Loss Tactic
Chapter 10: Some Thoughts On Counting Calories
Chapter 11: Natural Foods and Healthy Weight Loss
Chapter 12: A Summary Of The Eating Habits You Need To Adopt To Lose Weight (without dieting!)
Chapter 13: Sample Exercises and Advice
Chapter 14: The Mini-Workout
Chapter 15: Pushups
Chapter 16: Natural Fitness
Chapter 17: Animal Workouts
Chapter 18: Animal Stretching
Chapter 19: Power Isometrics
Chapter 20: Power Isotonics


Title: Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: The Animal KIngdom Way
Author: David Nordmark
Language: English
Length: 120
Edition: 1
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: 2009-12-22
ISBN-10: 1449948316
ISBN-13: 9781449948313