Mastering the Nikon D600

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14 reviews

Written by Darrell Young

Published by Rocky Nook

Mar, 2013

568 pages



Mastering the Nikon D600 by Darrell Young provides a wealth of experience-based information and insights for owners of the new D600 camera. Darrell is determined to help the user navigate past the confusion that often comes with complex and powerful professional camera equipment. This book explores the features and capabilities of the camera in a way that far surpasses the user's manual. It guides readers through the camera features with step-by-step setting adjustments; color illustrations; and detailed how, when, and why explanations for each option. Every button, dial, switch, and menu configuration setting is explored in a user-friendly manner, with suggestions for setup according to various shooting styles. Darrell's friendly and informative writing style allows readers to easily follow directions, while feeling as if a friend dropped in to share his knowledge. The learning experience for new D600 users goes beyond just the camera itself and covers basic photography technique. Most Helpful Customer Reviews If you have a D600 you need this book. MASTERING THE D600 shows you is a straight forward easy to understand way just how this camera works. It explains the how and why for just about every setting for the D600 and with enough samples and graphics that anyone can feel comfortable with this magnificent camera. I already own Mr. Young's D300 book and thought enough of it that when I ordered the D600 book I bought both the paperback version and the e-book. I like being able to take it with me on my iPad for easy reference when I'm in the field shooting with my D600. If you own a Nikon D600 you'll be more than happy if you buy this great resource. If you own, or are considering buying a Nikon D600, this book is a must have. The author takes you from how to set the camera up for the first time, to how to use the the most advanced features. I am an advanced amateur photographer and have owned many Nikon SLRs and DSLRs going clear back to the 1950s. In this book I have found much useful information that has allowed me to set my camera up in a better way than I have in the past. If you own, or are buying, a camera as advanced as the D600, you will learn much about the theory of digital photography. This book is the perfect reference for this great camera.


Title: Mastering the Nikon D600
Author: Darrell Young
Language: English
Length: 568
Edition: 1
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Publication Date: 2013-03-29
ISBN-10: 1937538192
ISBN-13: 9781937538194