Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices

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Written by Josh Lockhart

Published by O'Reilly Media

Mar, 2015

268 pages



PHP is experiencing a renaissance, though it may be difficult to tell with all of the outdated PHP tutorials online. With this practical guide, you’ll learn how PHP has become a full-featured, mature language with object-orientation, namespaces, and a growing collection of reusable component libraries. Author Josh Lockhart—creator of PHP The Right Way, a popular initiative to encourage PHP best practices—reveals these new language features in action. You’ll learn best practices for application architecture and planning, databases, security, testing, debugging, and deployment. If you have a basic understanding of PHP and want to bolster your skills, this is your book.
  • Learn modern PHP features, such as namespaces, traits, generators, and closures
  • Discover how to find, use, and create PHP components
  • Follow best practices for application security, working with databases, errors and exceptions, and more
  • Learn tools and techniques for deploying, tuning, testing, and profiling your PHP applications
  • Explore Facebook’s HVVM and Hack language implementations—and how they affect modern PHP
  • Build a local development environment that closely matches your production server

Table of Contents

Part I. Language Features
Chapter 1. The New PHP
Chapter 2. Features Part II. Good Practices
Chapter 3. Standards
Chapter 4. Components
Chapter 5. Good Practices Part III. Deployment, Testing, and Tuning
Chapter 6. Hosting
Chapter 7. Provisioning
Chapter 8. Tuning
Chapter 9. Deployment
Chapter 10. Testing
Chapter 11. Profiling
Chapter 12. HHVM and Hack
Chapter 13. Community Appendix A. Installing PHP
Appendix B. Local Development Environments


Title: Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices
Author: Josh Lockhart
Language: English
Length: 268
Edition: 1
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Publication Date: 2015-03-08
ISBN-10: 1491905018
ISBN-13: 9781491905012