Peppermint Creek Inn


13 reviews

Written by Jan Springer

Published by Elloras Cave Pub Inc

Apr, 2006

400 pages



Peppermint Creek Inn By Jan Springer The first in the Undercover series. She wants to forget her past… Sara lives alone in the isolated wilderness of Canada…until one stormy night when an injured fugitive with amnesia forces his way into her home and straight into her wounded heart. He's dangerous, tastes of dark, delicious sex and unleashes lusty cravings she never knew she had. Although there can be no future with a sexy man accused of murder, she's willing to do whatever it takes to keep him in her life and in her bed. He needs to remember his past… She smells of sweet peppermint and makes him burn with hot desire. He wants her, needs to be deep inside her and yearns to forget the terror-filled flashbacks that haunt him. Crooked cops and a romantic ghost town hold the secrets to his mysterious past, and if he's ever going to give her a future they both crave, he'll have to prove his innocence, even if it means facing his dangerous past head on.


Title: Peppermint Creek Inn
Author: Jan Springer
Language: English
Length: 400
Publisher: Elloras Cave Pub Inc
Publication Date: 2006-04-30
ISBN-10: 1419953370
ISBN-13: 9781419953378