PHP for Teens

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Written by Maneesh Sethi

Published by Course Technology PTR

May, 2006

272 pages



PHP is currently the most prevalent web programming language used in both schools and the business world. "PHP for Teens" allows teens-or any other beginner-to quickly go from having no knowledge of PHP to having a solid understanding of the language. This fun and easy to read book teaches PHP programming skills using clear, step-by-step instructions. Example programs allow readers to create simple games and dynamic web pages to test their new skills. Readers will gain a strong background in programming that they can apply to other programming languages and use to become an expert in the PHP language. The accompanying CD-ROM features source code from the book, tutorials, and more.


Title: PHP for Teens
Author: Maneesh Sethi
Language: English
Length: 272
Edition: 1
Publisher: Course Technology PTR
Publication Date: 2006-05-24
ISBN-10: 159863139X
ISBN-13: 9781598631395