Quantile-Based Reliability Analysis

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Written by N. Balakrishnan

Published by Birkhäuser

Sep, 2013

395 pages



Quantile-Based Reliability Analysis (Statistics for Industry and Technology)
This book provides a fresh approach to reliability theory, an area that has gained increasing relevance in fields from statistics and engineering to demography and insurance. Its innovative use of quantile functions gives an analysis of lifetime data that is generally simpler, more robust, and more accurate than the traditional methods, and opens the door for further research in a wide variety of fields involving statistical analysis. In addition, the book can be used to good effect in the classroom as a text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in Reliability and Statistics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Quantile Functions
Chapter 2 Quantile-Based Reliability Concepts
Chapter 3 Quantile Function Models
Chapter 4 Ageing Concepts
Chapter 5 Total Time on Test Transforms
Chapter 6 L-Moments of Residual Life and Partial Moments
Chapter 7 Nonmonotone Hazard Quantile Functions
Chapter 8 Stochastic Orders in Reliability
Chapter 9 Estimation and Modelling


Title: Quantile-Based Reliability Analysis
Author: N. Balakrishnan
Language: English
Length: 395
Edition: 2013
Publisher: Birkhäuser
Publication Date: 2013-09-30
ISBN-10: 0817683607
ISBN-13: 9780817683603