Quickstart SEO: Search Engine Optimization

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Written by Raymond Wayne

Published by Resourcetech

Jan, 2016

205 pages



SEO is proven technique by which marketers can create a distinct name for themselves and become a success story that others will envy. Learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization and how to optimize your website with this comprehensive SEO Quickstart training guide which geared towards those whom already have an existing self-hosted website and are looking to optimize their content for better performance in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In today's highly competitive marketing world , SEO success cannot be achieved by merely taking first basic step or simply hoping results will take place by itself .SEO is not merely about taking action but actually involved well planned strategies to maneuver on the internet with dedicated techniques in order to be able to get high quality traffic and boost your sales with SEO techniques. In today's highly competitive scenario ,internet marketers need to keep in mind is that they need to rank high in search engine rankings to facilitate growth and reputation in order to boost popularity to their websites. Failing to do so, your efforts will not be result-oriented To help marketers to surpass their competitors, this ebook will emphasize on technique and tweaks which works well along to Google's strict panda and penguin algorithm and various other factors on What Works Now in search engine , importance of keyword Optimization , understanding search results,effective keyword research, ranking Factors, understanding page ranking and link Building thus providing effective guidance that walks you through the entire process of using SEO to get better ranking


Title: Quickstart SEO: Search Engine Optimization
Author: Raymond Wayne
Language: English
Length: 205
Edition: 1
Publisher: Resourcetech
Publication Date: 2016-01-26