Railroads Across North America: An Illustrated History

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Written by Claude Wiatrowski

Published by Voyageur Press

Sep, 2007

256 pages



From the first steam-powered locomotives of the early nineteenth century to the high-speed commuter trains of today, the American railroad has been a great engine powering the nations growth and industry. This book celebrates the glory and grandeur of that legacy with a lavish tour of the history of the American railroad and the culture surrounding it. Generously illustrated with vintage photographs, modern images, maps, timetables, tickets, brochures, and all manner of memorabilia, this volume offers a fascinating look at the rail industrys beginnings and development, as well as its place in American history. From the might of the major rail companies and their empires to the romance of rail travel, this is the full and fabulously colorful story of the industry that moved a nation--and stirs our imaginations to this day.


Title: Railroads Across North America: An Illustrated History
Author: Claude Wiatrowski
Language: English
Length: 256
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Publication Date: 2007-09-15
ISBN-10: 0760329761
ISBN-13: 9780760329764