SAP BW and ABAP: Good Programming in SAP BW incl. HANA (Focus On Book 1)

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Written by Matthias Zinke

Published by Matthias Zinke Consulting

Feb, 2016

57 pages



Good Programming in SAP BW using ABAP, is my personal view on the way how to set up a coding for handling millions of records in a performant way. Maybe you will surprise that you will not found 500 pages about the secrets of performant ABAP coding, instead of this, I have covered the main interested points on less than 50 printed pages. Therefore, you can start reading w/o getting through the bothering theoretically part about ABAP. If you have already, some experiences with BW and APAB you will find many hints for to improve you coding. If you a new at this topics, you can start after reading this book with not falling in the simple beginners traps. Berlin- Germany- February 2016

Table of Contents

  • How to work with this Book
  • Your First Time with the Editor
  • Good Data Modelling
  • The Start Routine
  • Loop over the Data
  • Lookups
  • Coding Hints for This and That
  • Start or End Routine?
  • Practical Examples
  • All about Dates, Months, and Years
  • All about Internal Tables
  • Generic ABAP
  • Performance Analyze and Debugging
  • ABAP and HANA
  • All about the SELECT in SAP BW for HANA
  • Good Naming
  • The Author
  • Appendix


Title: SAP BW and ABAP: Good Programming in SAP BW incl. HANA (Focus On Book 1)
Author: Matthias Zinke
Language: English
Length: 57
Edition: 1.0
Publisher: Matthias Zinke Consulting
Publication Date: 2016-02-25
ISBN-10: B01C8O1N2E