SAP on the Cloud

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Written by Cameron Gardiner

Published by Springer

Jan, 2013

235 pages



SAP on the Cloud (Management for Professionals)
This book provides an introduction to the various facets of building and operating an SAP infrastructure exploiting Cloud technologies. It describes and discusses the latest developments and challenges and suitable solutions, and also outlines future trends where possible. To ensure that this book is also useful to readers who do not consider themselves experts in this area, this book explains in detail the backgrounds of the various solutions. Also, practice-oriented case studies are provided throughout the book in order to make the reader aware of essential but perhaps less obvious points. However, the book concentrates exclusively on the set up and operation of the SAP infrastructure. It does not give details on how to install and customize the SAP software, nor does it deal with the much more complex tasks involved in business process implementation and reengineering.​

Table of Contents

1: A Short History of Cloud Computing
2: From R/3 to HANA
3: Service Levels for SAP on Cloud
4: Security Aspects for SAP on Cloud
5: Change and Configuration Management
6: How Private and Public Clouds Work
7: SAP Solutions on Public Clouds
8: Private Cloud Infrastructures for SAP
9: Stateless Computing
10: Economic and Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing


Title: SAP on the Cloud
Author: Cameron Gardiner
Language: English
Length: 235
Edition: 2013
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: 2013-01-24
ISBN-10: 3642312101
ISBN-13: 9783642312106