SAP Test Automation Using HP UFT

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Written by Wallace J Tauriac

Published by Inc., Sold Out Investments

Feb, 2016

180 pages



This book is intended to inform test automation engineers with the use of HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 12.02 for developing effective ERP test scripts. This UFT or QTP book is designed to reveal the author’s experiences with simplicity and understanding. Beginners can learn test automation through reading this book and advanced automation engineers. This book guides the reader through automation test concepts with the help of snapshots. The book also covers the use of VBScript for SAP application test script development. It wasn’t until release QTP 8.2 arrived that test automation became serious with possibilities. I was getting more LoadRunner performance test demands then, and managing global concurrent QTP license use across the globe. In the last 5 years with releases 11, 11.5, and now 12.02 that I have become serious about UFT and how much test automation means with this tool in use.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 – UFT Setup Requirements for SAP
Chapter 3 – SAP and the UFT Object Repository
Chapter 4 – Hybrid Test Automation Framework
Chapter 5 – An Approach to SAP Test Script Development
Chapter 6 – A Closer Look at SAP Script Development
Chapter 7 – SAP Script Maintenance
Chapter 8 – Some Functions for SAP Test scripts
Chapter 9 – Best Practice Guide
Chapter 10 – Test Automation Model
Chapter 11 – Advanced Topics


Title: SAP Test Automation Using HP UFT
Author: Wallace J Tauriac
Language: English
Length: 180
Edition: 1
Publisher: Inc., Sold Out Investments
Publication Date: 2016-02-18
ISBN-10: B01BXS83O2