SEO Starts Here: Learn Search Engine Optimization in 2015 and Dominate Your Competition


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Written by Philip Cory

Published by Philip\Cory

Jan, 2015

128 pages



Search engine optimization and overall web marketing has many people perplexed. The average small-to-medium business owners are looking for a way to compete online with the bigger brands. When it comes to landing First Page results with search engines like Google, only one thing separates your website from theirs. SEO Starts Here enables you to easily learn the basic principles of online marketing and includes the Number One Game Changer that everyone needs to know in 2015. In the past, SEO was almost as simple as a math problem. Whatever your competition was doing, just do the same plus one. Now web marketing has become a blend of art, science and psychology. As a result, many have dropped out of the industry. Others have simply taken on new roles within the optimization world. You now have the opportunity to create beautiful websites with authoritative content that are meeting the ever-emerging demands from users online. And now more than ever, you have the chance to compete with big brands by showing off what makes your business stand out amongst the crowd. This book provides an excellent introduction to the proper way of performing search marketing. Being such an ever-evolving subject, there could never be only one resource that will teach a person everything they need to know. However this book will prove to be an excellent tool for both beginners and intermediates alike. Whether you are new to search engine optimization, or have a little bit of experience but are running in to issues repeatedly – this easy read will likely serve you well. SEO Starts Now was written with the beginner and the small business owner in mind.


Title: SEO Starts Here: Learn Search Engine Optimization in 2015 and Dominate Your Competition
Author: Philip Cory
Language: English
Length: 128
Publisher: Philip\Cory
Publication Date: 2015-01-03
ISBN-10: 0692362118
ISBN-13: 9780692362112