Step-By-Step SEO: The Complete Guide To Search Engine Success

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Written by Mr. Matthew Davidson

Published by Step-By-Step SEO

Jul, 2013

196 pages



Step-By-Step SEO is designed to be an actionable, easy to implement SEO strategy book written with the beginner in mind. The author has worked directly for a major search engine and now runs his own SEO agency where he works with many clients to help get them increased visibility and sales through better search engine placement. If you’re looking for a book that teaches you the best things you can do to impact your website’s online success without a ton of fluff than this is the book for you. The new world of SEO While much has been written about the recent changes Google has implemented under the names of cute furry animals such as Panda and Penguin, make no mistake that the real message Google is sending is that content is king and those with the best strategies to write and distribute their own content will rule the web. With Step-By-Step SEO you will learn exactly how to impact your online success by creating and using content to your advantage. This step-by-step guide to effective search engine optimization teaches:
  • How to find the top search terms that will drive new visitors to your website
  • How to find the best tools to use for free that will allow you to impact your search engine presence in the shortest time possible
  • How to build personal connections online to exponentially increase the number of people you are able to reach with your messaging
  • How to turn your website into a great representative of your organization that gets the results you want
  • And much, much more
This book is the culmination of over a decade of experience that the author has had in the field of search engine marketing. Having attended dozens of conferences, worked with hundreds of advertisers and read thousands of articles on the topic of search engine optimization, this book was written in a concise and easy to understand way that takes all of this knowledge and condenses it for any individual interested in learning how to get placement on the search engines.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Why Search Engines Matter and What to Do About It
Chapter 2 Not All Search Terms Are Created Equal
Chapter 3 Website Success in Excess
Chapter 4 Linking Up: Safety in Numbers
Chapter 5 Localize It: Location, Location, Location
Chapter 6 The Unique Content Universe
Chapter 7 I Spy a Competitive Advantage
Chapter 8 Getting Social Wins You Friends
Chapter 9 Directory Submit, Rinse, Repeat
Chapter 10 Getting Blogged Down
Chapter 11 Report Card: A for Effort
Chapter 12 The Step-by-Step SEO Method


Title: Step-By-Step SEO: The Complete Guide To Search Engine Success
Author: Mr. Matthew Davidson
Language: English
Length: 196
Edition: 1
Publisher: Step-By-Step SEO
Publication Date: 2013-07-26
ISBN-10: 061567660X
ISBN-13: 9780615676609